Last Minute Gift Ideas For Husbands

In case any DHs (dear husbands) are reading this, and you are just now starting your shopping, chances are very high you are going to be in the dog house.  To avoid that, here are some ideas for you:

Make a booklet of Certificates- Use any paper or cards on hand.  Offer your loved one anything from a massage to dinner out.  Personalize each certificate to suit her personality and taste!

Ideas- This gift certificate is good for:

Dinner and a movie;  shopping spree, a clean kitchen,  Time to craft, paint, knit or whatever they like to do,  etc.  You may also offer up such things as time spent listening, romantic dinner, Breakfast in bed, the sky is the limit!

Gift Cards– most local grocery stores will offer gift cards from a wide variety of places.  From Macy’s to Pottery Barn.  She will think you drove all over town to buy these.  If you are feeling guilty, just up the limit of the cards chosen.  Trust me, she will like this.

Online Class– Buy her an online class in whatever hobby she loves to do.  If she is into machine quilting and quilt design, I have a class starting in January located here.  If she loves to create using beads, metal work or wire, then visit Beaducation.  You can google classes in whatever hobby or art she likes to do.

Wrap an old pair of _______ (boots, jewelry, clothes, etc) with a note saying you will choose  a NEW one together.  Trust me, she would much rather pick it out herself, especially if you are likely to choose jewelry that turns her skin green or clothes 2 sizes too small.

Compose her  a poem.  Make it romantic, make it funny, she will love the idea that you did it.  Even if it is awful, she will appreciate it.  Just don’t mention any places on her body that she is sensitive.

Plant her a tree, bulb or flowers– Most nurseries are empty, even on Christmas Eve, so it will be a quick trip for you.  Stick a bow on it and place under the tree unwrapped.  On Christmas, before the football game, offer to plant it for her.  This gift will remind her of your love over and over.  Little effort and lasting benefits.

Last idea- Chocolate!  You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially good chocolate.  Later on, when she asks you if she has gained weight,  your answer should be, “Absolutely NOT, dear- you are BEAUTIFUL!”

Merry Christmas!  Carla

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