Reorganized Studio!

It has been awhile since I shared my studio, so here are some pictures for you.  First up is the view from the door showing my longarm machine table, thread is below organized in bins:

Next is a long view of my Ikea bookcase storage units:

Now for some close-up views:

Shoe organizer make great excess storage:

Here is how I organize some of my fabric.  Yes, I even have a tutorial for how to wrap the fabric:

More Ikea Storage Bookcases:

Next is a view of my desk:

Here is a picture of my stitched and painted collage piece (from a DJ Pettit class):

In this next view, I love my ikea plant hangers, a perfect place for items I use all the time:

Notice my beading organizer case?  Here is a close-up.  I have lots of interesting stuff waiting to be worked on:

This is from TJMaxx:

(click for large view)

I must admit that I have a lot of things to look at in my studio.  I like to collect items from other artists, too.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

6 thoughts on “Reorganized Studio!

  1. I enjoy seeing the studios of other artists-yours is a delightful spot to work in! I am so jealous…. Wondering if it usually looks pretty neat like in your photos?

    • Confession Time: my studio starts out clean and then gradually becomes disordered. My smart DH says it is like the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics whereby any spontaneous process results in increased randomness. LOL!

    • Hi Martha, I bought my saddle stool in 2004, it is great for sitting and stitching microfil- or frogging (removing) stitches. I will look for a manufacturer if you are interested and report back.

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