Registration for the next Quilt Whisperer Class Has Started!

Thought I would mention that registration started today for my January 2012 Quilt Whisperer Class on quilting design.

Quilt Whisperer Class Info and Course Description

How to Register for my Class

See my  Free Blog Give-a-way Contest HERE.

On other news, I am getting a new toy for my studio- an Intelliquilter add-on to my current longarm machine.  My plan is to digitize my own drawings, so that my quilting still looks like my work, rather than a “computery” look.  I do not like it when I see a quilt at a show that screams, “Computer Quilting.”  With a little extra work, the artist can make it look hand guided.   Anyone else feel this way?

Enjoy your day!  Carla

2 thoughts on “Registration for the next Quilt Whisperer Class Has Started!

  1. I most definately feel this way! I’m sorry but some I have seen look like they could be purchased at WalMart! A true shame!!!

  2. Me too! Besides learning to digitize my ownd designs, I’d like to incorporate ruler work and tabletop fill detail.
    P.S. I’m enjoying your Quilt Whisperer class!

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