Next Quilt Whisperer Class- Registration Starts on 12/05/11

My next online Quilt Whisperer Class information is below.  Consider giving the class to yourself as a Holiday present- for those who haven’t taken this class before.

Course Title: Quilt Whisperer 101 taught by Carla Barrett
Date: January 9- January 29, 2012, 3 Week Class (Registration begins on 12/5/11)
Cost: $65
Description: A Online Class
Through online lessons, videos, fun creative exercises, interactive forum, and real-time online meetings (webinar), you will learn how to more effectively design a quilt top for the quilting. This is a 3 week class to learn Carla’s unique method for “quilt whispering” and designing your quilts and finding inspiration for your quilting designs! In addition, you will learn Carla’s favorite feathers and most used quilting designs.  Students will have access to all course material for an extra 6 months after the class officially ends.  Click here to watch a video for how to create an account and register for class.

As an added bonus, students may submit quilt top photos for Carla to design during the class. This has been a popular feature in past classes! Here is an example of Quilt Whispering on a quilt from student Debby B.  The “Before:”

Here is the sample Quilt Whispering by me (Carla) for Debby’s Quilt:

When I quilt whisper on student’s quilts, I design them based on the student’s quilting level.

Students: Who should take this course? Any quilter or art quilter who struggles with what to quilt. This could include a brand new quilter using a home sewing machine to a professional machine quilter in business who uses a longarm. This class is jammed pack full of helpful information no matter what level of quilter you are.

•You must know how to use your computer and navigate the internet.
•You must know how to download files to your computer.
•To view the lessons, you need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.
•To view the videos, you need a viewer like QuickTime or Windows Media Player.
•You must have an internet connection faster than dial-up service.
Refund Policy: Refunds are provided for any reason prior to the start of class on Jan. 9, 2012, minus the PayPal administrative fee (which I cannot control). Refunds are provided for good cause during the first week of the course, minus the PayPal administrative fee. After the first week of class, refunds are not provided. Refunds
are not provided after the class ends. is the education website where I hold my classes.  I use the same education software as many colleges and schools use.  You do have to create an account to take a class, this takes only a few minutes.

Any Questions?  Please post me a comment with your question.  The long anticipated Tablet Design Class is now scheduled for February, 2012.   Registration for this class will be open in Late January, 2012.


3 thoughts on “Next Quilt Whisperer Class- Registration Starts on 12/05/11

  1. Hi Carla,
    Can you please advise what software is required for the tablet design class, and do you have to have an IPAD, or an ANDROID tablet? Looking forward to hearing from you, (I’m putting in an order for Christmas!!)

    • Hi Judy, there are currently 3 types of tablets being sold on the Tablet Market: #1 is an iPad or Android tablet; #2 is a Tablet peripheral (as in the Wacom and other brands of plug in tablets; and #3 is a Tablet PC- which is a laptop computer with a tablet feature.

      For my class, since the program I use for this class is Photoshop Elements, you will want to use Tablet types #2 or 3.

      Why not use an iPad or Android tablet for my class? While I can draw on quilt tops using my iPad, there are serious limitations comparing a drawing App with a full featured program like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Right now, the drawing Apps available are cumbersome and do not have the extensive features that Photoshop does.

      Thus said, in the class I will provide to any interested student how I draw on a quilt top with my iPad. In fact, you can use an iPad to access my class and even watch the live Webinar Meetings by downloading a Webinar App.

      Good question, Judy! Thanks for asking.

  2. PS: I will be writing a buying guide for tablets in the near future. There are pros and cons for each type. I own all 3 types- but that is because I am married to a generous DH who works at Intel Corp. LOL

    Bottom line: If money is tight- buy a Wacom Bamboo bundled with Photoshop Elements. If your budget is high- consider a Tablet PC or Wacom Cintiq.

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