Another Cartoon

A non-chicken cartoon- this cartoon was inspired when I drove by a tattoo place in a local town.  I started thinking about what if a young quilter (yes, they do exist!) got a quilting motif tattoo, then you were to fast forward to 40 years later.  LOL!

Any thoughts?  Cheers, Carla

13 thoughts on “Another Cartoon

  1. What a stitch!!! I love it. Was always too chicken to get a real tatoo. Had one of those that washes off in time though. 🙂 Dar

  2. While I can appreciate tasteful body art on others, I do not have any on mine. I do know that for anyone over 40, tattoos were often more associated with a lower socioeconomic status. For young adults now, the previous stigma is not as relevant and tats are considered more “mainstream” than in previous generations. What are your thoughts?

  3. Too funny! That’s what I tried to explain to my now ex-daughter in law when he got roses tatted to her boob. Thankfully I won’t be seeing that in 30 years!

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