My husband thinks I did it on purpose with a hammer, just so I would get a new iPhone 4S with Siri, but I have witnesses that prove it was an accident.  Really!

I laid my phone down on a newly polished surface, and it slid right off onto the hard floor.  Uh-oh….!

So the solution is for me to get a replacement iPhone 4S, the one with the personal assistant, called Siri,  I can talk to.  It rather reminds me of Star Trek, where I can talk to the computer.

So I call up my local Apple retail store to inquire if they have any on hand.  I am told the process these days for getting an iPhone is to go online the night before at 9 PM and reserve a new iphone.

So I wait last night until 9 pm, and go to the online retail site to reserve my new phone.  Only the system indicated they were out of them!  It appears that the only way to get one is to order it online through Apple and then wait until they actually make it and ship it to you.  Delayed gratification, I guess.

So I will let you know when it arrives and do a review of the product.  My husband has already seen one and was most impressed.  Being married to an engineer must have rubbed off on me as I LOVE my tech gadgets!

9 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. The UPS dropped one at our house for Aaron and I need to tell you that it is so cool! It’s so fun to ask Siri questions and get answers. After Aaron had it for a few hours he said, I love you Siri, and she replied, “you don’t even know me!” LOL Hope you don’t have to wait too long. Aaron got his on the first day they were available and the UPS guy told me he was delivering LOTS of them.

  2. I ordered mine last week and am anxiously waiting. My current phone is the 3G (not even the 3GS), and it runs sooooo slow. Do you have the cuptakes app? It’s free and has cute wallpapers for your phone and ipad and desktop. And, if you can find then on the web, the gal is now carrying the CUTEST iPhone cases. I ordered mine in Zebra.

    • I have witnesses… honest! My wonderful cleaning gal had just polished the side table, which contributed to the slide factor. I have been wanting a new phone, so maybe I should give her a raise?

      This will actually be my 3rd iPhone. The first one was “misplaced,” the second one was smashed, so the 3rd time must be a charm!

  3. I’m just wondering, did you have any kind of case on the phone? The salesman at the store said he sees smashed phones a lot if they aren’t in a case (read Big, Heavy). I opted for a little bumper around my iPhone, but I wonder what my chances are if I drop it on concrete.

    • Hi Judith, my new phone has one. Actually, I had one on my old phone, but it was hard to push the buttons, so I took it off. There is a website that shows you how to replace the glass on your iphone if it breaks.

      As for me, I was glad of any reason to get a new phone. LOL

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