Freeform Beaded Pendant- In Progress

I thought I would show you how I am using the beads previously shown earlier this month on my blog.  This purple & green pendant piece will match my new purple sweater I bought last week.

Here is the beaded jewelry piece created so far:

It still has a ways to go, but I like how it is shaping up.   The way I work is to keep working the piece using alternating colors, until the freeform beading “feels” right.  It is an intuitive process.

I promise to reveal how it turns out in the end.  I am looking forward to wearing it soon.  Anyone want to create a freeform jewelry piece, too?  I do have a free tutorial  if you click the “Free Tutorial” link above or on the right sidebar.

Take care, Carla


5 thoughts on “Freeform Beaded Pendant- In Progress

  1. Carla,
    That is just the prettiest pendant! I too like purple and green together, a fact that my many quilts will attest to. Could not find the tutorial, but since I’m up to my eyebrows in quilts, I would have time to make one any way. Thanks for inspiring us with your many beautiful projects, both beading and quilting. Any boating adventures lately? 🙂

  2. Purple and green are my favorite colors! You’re off to a beautiful start! 🙂 I don’t have time to check out the tutorial since I’m up to my eyeballs in projects I need to get done, but I would love to see the end result!

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