Sketches and Dresses

Thanks for all the comments regarding my last post about copyright and people who help themselves to my art work  This does tell me that people like my work, perhaps I should offer them for sale as cards, framed art, calendar, etc.?

Here is a quick sketch that I do not mind anyone “borrowing.”  LOL

Some days, I just have to draw, you know?

Creative wise, I think I will design a dress for my granddaughter, Kate.  My dear daughter-in-law showed me a pillowcase dress she was thinking of making, but I think I can improve on the pattern and make my own variation.  Here is my sketch:

So that means I need some new fabric.  I have a huge fabric stash, but I can’t bring myself to use fabric from the stash.  After all, what if I need them for something else- like a quilt?  LOL  Does anyone else think this way?

If my Kate dress comes out cute, I will write a tutorial.  I haven’t written a tutorial in awhile, so I guess it is time.  Off to the fabric store now!

6 thoughts on “Sketches and Dresses

  1. It’s not like fabric in you stash is to use or anything! It’s such a cute dress-isn’t she lucky to have you as her Gramma? It does make sense to put your images on cards and such. I love it when an artist does that. I have some of Merle Axelrad Serlin and just like my stash, they’re too lovely to use!

  2. Carla, you MUST try Art Design Fabrics! There cotton feels/falls like sike more than like cotton! I found a lot to choose from on Hawthorne Threads but if you find another place I’d love to know about it. I never see it at shows here in CA and very few shops with very limited selection of not my kind of colors : P I LOVE Patricia Bravo’s line of brighter ones but I know as soon as I start feeling fallish, I will go for the other’s ! LOL!

    I love your dress – it’s so in demand of a style – all the young moms love it ….and have NO idea it’s a come back! lol I made them for my 31 year daughter when she was a babe and now my two grandaughters…yes I still have the patterns and mess around with changing them : ) so fun!

  3. I’m trying to be good and use SOME of my stash. The design you are making for your granddaughter looks great. I need to make a couple pillowcase dresses for my granddaughters.

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