I have wanted to buy a website with my name for the last decade.  However, another Carla Barrett, a career counselor, bought for her business many years ago.  I have patiently waited for the domain to expire so I could buy it.    Yesterday, I finalized my purchase, so now I own the domain! Woohoo!

Now that my July Quilt Whisper class is over, I have been busy working on the new class site using  education software to make it easier for students to take a class.  Today, I am working on my buttons, which look like this:

Gotta have buttons with personality, you know?  Notice they match the header art?  Anyway, I plan to run the next series of classes on the new Class site.  I may even offer a special Beta Class at a very special  ( low) price.  Keep watching!

What are you up to today?  Anyone else buy a website with your name for your business or marketing purposes?


9 thoughts on “

  1. I tried too but my name was taken as well : ( …never looked again but maybe I should! Love your matching buttons!

    I’m just fighting with my Quilt Artist which is misbehaving in too many ways! Guess I reeeeeally am supposed to work on the free motion! Nothing digital is working right now….pu-lease let my design programs keep working!

    Good luck with your new class site!

  2. Hello Carla,
    I have been checking out your website, congratulations on the beautiful work you do. I am a quilter and have been looking for a quilt/any pattern for the Carolina Lily. I absolutely love the Carolina Lily quilt you quilted in 2007 – and am wondering if you have any idea where I could locate the quilt pattern. I am sorry to put you on the spot but am very keen to locate this pattern. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give me, Deb

  3. PS from Carla- the flower is pieced and the stem is a bias green with green leaves. You can google to see some historical Carolina Lilies on some museum sites. I do hope you will share your quilt when finished.

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