Registration Update!

I am pleased to report that the class is now half full!  Registration continues until the first week of the class- usually I close it on July 15th, 2011.  For more info, here is a link to the class description.

This class has a wonderful mix of all types of quilters.  From domestic machine (home sewing machine) users to professional quilters.  Plus some art quilters, too.  Thank you for signing up so quickly!

WIP stands for “work in progress.”  You all know I always have several projects going on at any given time.  Quilty wise, I am working on a special “story quilt” for a friend, Virginia.  What makes this quilt special is that it memorializes her husband, who passed away about 2 years ago.  Virginia took a class from Mary Lou Weidman, who is known for her whimsical story quilts.  With Virginia’s permission, I will show you the quilt when I am done.

Other news:  Congrats to Jayne Moore, who won “Best of Show” at the local Fair show.  You all might remember Jayne’s quilt, which I quilted last year:

Here is a close-up of a random block:

Apparently, it won a first in the “professionally quilted division,” so I get a ribbon, too!

That’s all for now!  What are YOU up to?  Carla

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