Creative Update

Hello from Carla!!  I thought I would give you a creative update.  The registration for the June Beg. Photoshop Elements Class has been very successful!  On Friday, June 10, 2011, I will close registration for this class, so it is not too late.  See this post for more info, including a link to register.

Creative wise, I am in the process of taking my Tablet Class and converting it to be an online class.  To do this, you basically shoot lots of screen shot videos and edit them.  I really love teaching in on online format, and meeting students from all over the globe is yet another side benefit of teaching online.

I sent out a newsletter a few days ago, letting students know that the June Beg. PSE class is the prerequisite for my Tablet class.  What is a Tablet class, you might be wondering?

Since I started quilting professionally back in 2004, I had a tablet PC (a laptop with the ability to draw on the monitor screen), so I started designing quilts with my tablet.  This evolved into drawing the cartoons, and other digital work.  Here are some examples, including this quilt design I drew for Amy, a talented quilter:

Here is a random cartoon:

And, here is a handout for a class:

There is so much you can do artistically with a tablet, or a tablet plug-in or Tablet PC, so that is basically what my class will teach you!

Other news: I now have a new adorable grandson named Ethan, and love having Jack (my grandson, now 3) and Kate (granddaughter, age 1) over  to visit!  There is nothing like grandchildren, they melt your heart!

Sarge, the new dog, is a joy to own!  He has bonded with the family and he just got a summer cut, so he looks funny.  I’ll have to show you.

My goal this week is to tackle cleaning my studio.  Anyone else need to organize their studio, too?

What are YOU up to?  Carla


8 thoughts on “Creative Update

  1. Congratulations on you new grandson! I am working on a quilting a Quilt of Valor. I’m also doing an art quilt that I’ve added crystals to and just got my bead delivery this morning. I can’t wait to get started on that!

  2. Wondered what you were up to-congrats on a new grandson! I’m getting used to my new straight-stitch-only machine (Baby Lock Jane) by quilting the queen-sized quilt that you “whispered” and trying to complete 2 challenge items for groups I’m in-I’m in too many groups!

  3. congratulations on your new grandson. grandchildren are the absolutely most wonderful part of life.


  4. Congrats on a new grandbaby! I just got home from vacation..and my 2 quilts waiting for me morphed into 6 while I was gone! My long arm room is getting done today, so I can load the 1st quilt. The studio…not so much! I will set the timer and work on it 20mins at a hack. Then when I have time to dive in there…I can at least WALK in there! HA!

  5. HI! Glad to hear you’re still working away! I am studying a lot right now and the creativity has taken a nosedive, which is frustrating me, but it is what is happening right now. This too shall change, no?

    Exciting to hear about the newest grandchild, and it sounds like your back is MUCH better. Glad about that. Getting any sailing in?

  6. A new grand! Congratulations!
    Thank you for sharing the border designs. They really do stir up my creative juices.

  7. I want to take both the photo shop class and the tablet, but I am travelling until mid July. I hope you will be offering them again soon. Also, what tablet do you recommend?

    • Hi Peggy, I own an ipad tablet, a xl intous Wacom plug in tablet, and 2 tablet PC’s. There are pros and cons for each type. Perhaps, I should dig up my review and post it here.

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