This weekend, I fly to International Machine Quilting Showcase, called (MQS for short) to teach 5 classes.  The reason I have been quiet of late is due to getting ready.  Boxes to send, handouts to print out and powerpoint presentations to fine tune.

If you are reading this, and plan to be there, please introduce yourself.  I would enjoy meeting you.

On other news… Easter was wonderful!  We got to spend it with all the grandkids.  Sarge the new dog is doing fine, and has settled in to our family just fine.

What have YOU been up to?


6 thoughts on “MQS

  1. I hope you enjoy yourself at MQS and meet some nice people, no doubt your classes will be a hug success, your work is really lovely.

    What have I been up to? Working on customers quilts, busy, busy.Oh and cooking, cleaning, my own sewing…oh and visiting blogs!

  2. Just finished a FMQ Challenge … was on for 14 days. I have STILL to get some more lessons done on my photoshop …bad me!! I have been over tham once.

  3. I will be there Carla and would love to meet you. I took your online Quilt Whisperer class and learned so much. I am looking forward to MQS!!

  4. I live right up the street from where they are hosting MQS. (Hubs threatens that I should have to walk and then maybe I wouldn’t buy so much – HA). I finally figured out that if I volunteer to white glove then I get to spend all day looking at all the beautiful quilts. Would love to meet you in person Carla.

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