10 Minute Quilt Design Challenge

Using Photoshop and my tablet, I decided to challenge myself and design a wholecloth quilt as fast as possible. Here is my 10 minute quilt design:

Admittedly, not perfect, but all-in-all, not too shabby!

Why did I decide to do this?  It is an example for my new class, called “High Tech Design for Quilters,” that will be taught next month at MQS.  I wanted to show the students that with practice and experience, you can work very fast.

I find I am getting excited about teaching again at MQS this year.  The best part of going there is meeting other quilters and teachers, also the vendors and MQS volunteers.   Another fun perk of being a teacher is you get to award a teacher ribbon on someone’s quilt.

What are YOU working on right now?  Hugs, Carla




9 thoughts on “10 Minute Quilt Design Challenge

    • Hi Joan, I know you live in AU, so the answer is yes, later this year I will have an online class. MQS students get to take this class first, plus get a detailed handout with step-by-step directions for how to “quilt whisper” quilts, design wholecloth quilts, design pantos and more!

      Thanks for asking!

  1. Hi Carla
    I am from AU too, and have recently subscribed to be notified of your upcoming classes. I would love to do both your Quilt Whisper Class as well as this one when they are offered online.

  2. Oh Yay!! I was going to ask, but Joan beat me to it! Can’t wait until this course is offered on line.
    What have I been working on? A whole cloth quilt design, but let me tell you, mine has taken a lot longer than 10 minutes, and does not look as good as yours!

  3. Carla, your drawing is very inspirational. As always you are a fantastic quilter. I need to do more freehand.

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