Class Sample Drawing

I am putting the finishing touches on my new class for the 2011 International Machine Quilter’s Showcase (MQS), called “Doodle Art Fills for Quilters.”

As a machine quilter, we doodle naturally and are frequently practicing how to quilt and draw new fills.  The students will go home with pages and pages of fills, plus they will learn how to draw and use fills more effectively in their quilting and quilt design.

My class logo design is one Creative Exercise we will do in the class, as well as how to turn your design into a small art quilt you can color.

I do touch on the subject of turning your doodles into a wholecloth quilt design using many of the techniques taught in class.  This is not a class  devoted to wholecloth design, but I do show them how designing a quilt is really just doodling.  Here is one class example:

I expect this class will be fun, and as always, I love to give students lots of visuals and fun things to do in the class.  I believe this class is scheduled for Saturday morning, the last day of MQS show.


7 thoughts on “Class Sample Drawing

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  2. Thanks, everyone!! This is one of the perks of having a tablet and knowing how to use it. 🙂

    My post after this one has a fast draw quilt design. I timed myself and it took only 10 minutes!

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