WIP Beaded Embroidery

Getting the final touches on all the classes I am teaching at International Machine Quilting Showcase (MQS), but I did want to share a WIP I am doing.  I took a class on beaded embroidery at a local bead shop (Basically Beads) and thought I would show you my bracelet, in progress:

The center focal point crystal is created using a variety of offloom beading techniques and the beading to the white background is beaded embroidery.  The design is freeform, and even though I drew in guide lines, I am loosely following what I drew.

It still has a lot of work to do, then I finish the project.  I love working with fiber and beads, so this is a fun project to do.  The key to a successful end product is nice, even stitches and bead selection.

What are YOU working on?  Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “WIP Beaded Embroidery

  1. Wondered what you were up to. The bracelet is beautiful! I am trying to catch up on my on-line Photo Shop class with the Pixeladies. I’m currently in a bit of a dry spell creatively…..

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