Old Photoshop Homework

Many years ago, I took a Photoshop Digital Imaging Class at a local college.  I used my new 1 or 2 megapixel camera, which at the time was latest technology.   Anyway, the class assignment one week  was to create a magazine ad for a fictitious product called “Diesel.”

Below is the ad I designed for my class.  Working with the low res camera had its limits, so I decided to blur the truck images on purpose as an artistic decision and background for the Metal Diesel font.  I learned how to turn the font into metal by reading a new magazine on working with Photoshop.

By the way, my instructor gave me an A on the assignment.  I found this ad while I was moving older files onto my new HP tablet laptop.  I thought it was most fitting to share an older work with you, especially since the Intro Class to Photoshop has been happening on my Class Forum at quiltwhisper.com.  It is the last week of this class session.  Thanks to the Pixeladies for their hard work teaching this class!


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