Freeform Beaded Quilted Bag

I am making samples for classes being taught at International Machine Quilters Showcase  (MQS) in May, 2011.  One of the classes I am teaching is combining beading and quilting.  Here is a small purse sample for the class- one of several I have made:

I still need to sew on the clasp and the focal point for the end of the “V.”  Then the purse will be complete.  I have ordered in several potential large pendants that might complement this small beaded and quilted bag.

Here is a close up of the beading:

My next project is a quilted and beaded necklace to wear to the class.  In the spirit of recycle/reuse, I will even use scraps from my studio to make this.

If you are interested in taking this class at MQS, please note that I am teaching 2 sections of the class, so you have a choice for when to take it.  Last year’s class was a huge success and the students did a wonderful job on their beading!  It is a beginning class on freeform peyote, so no experience needed.

Regards, Carla


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