Thinking of Nancy

Nancy is one of my elder friends, who I have quilted many quilts for over the last 6 plus years.  I learned recently from her Daughter-in-law (DIL) that she moved from North Carolina back to Northern CA again.  That’s the good news!

Unfortunately, the good news is tempered with concern.  I learned that Nancy is in the ICU right now, so I wanted to ask you all for your prayers, good thoughts of healing, etc. on her behalf.  Please  think of her when you read this.

Some of you might remember Nancy by her quilts I have quilted.  One of the first ones was this Carolina Lily:

Here is a Wedding Ring quilt:

Here is a 2 alternating block quilt:

Here is my working sketch for this quilt:

Here is another lovely quilt by Nancy:

and another:

Front View:

Plus, I have a few more still for me to do for Nancy, when I recover completely from my spine surgery earlier this year.  I no longer quilt full time, but I still have a few friends (like Nancy) that I quilt for, so long as they don’t mind waiting.

So please keep Nancy in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you, Carla




8 thoughts on “Thinking of Nancy

  1. Thank you for letting us know about Nancy. Her quilts are wonderful and your quilting gorgeous. Hope she will be out of ICU and on the road to recovery very soon.

  2. I will certainly keep your friend Nancy in my prayers. I’m also adding you and hope you are doing well in your recuperation from your surgery.

    Nancy’s quilts (and your quilting) are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Nancy.

    I am doing very well after getting a new artificial disc in my spine. Plus, I am now taller, too. LOL Thank you for thinking about me.

  4. The quilts are all beautiful — sending healing thoughts to Nancy — it was pleasant to walk down memory lane looking at her quilts — I remember them all.

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