New Class Developed!

Hello!  Registration is going great for the new class on how to use Photoshop Elements.  This is a true beginner class taught by the Pixeladies.  Does this program intimidate you?  Sign up now!!  Class starts on March 14, 2011.


I am pleased to announce that while I have been recuperating, I have been busy developing some new classes.  I am finished with the first class, which is all about Doodle Art Fills for Quilters:

This is a class about expanding your quilting fills, and how to combine doodling and quilting.  There is also a section on using fills on your quilts,  digital doodling, also how to create a  stunning art quilt/wholecloth combination!!

I will be teaching this class at International Machine Quilting Showcase (MQS) in May.  I hope you will join me for this class.  You will go home with lots of new ideas and inspirations!!  Just click the link for MQS for more information about this class.

Keep watching, I will be sharing some of my class samples as I make them.   I also will be showcasing some of the other classes I am teaching at MQS in May!

By the way, my class logo was created using Photoshop.  I show you, step by step, how I used Doodle Art Fills to create this small quilt in my class.  It is one of the many creative exercises in my class.

For more information about using Photoshop Elements in your work, see the Beginning Photoshop Elements Class at the top of  this post!  Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “New Class Developed!

  1. Hi Margaret, I plan to teach the new classes at MQS first, and then afterwards offer this Doodle Art for Quilters class on the site.

    The other new class I am writing right now is my “High Tech Design For Quilters,” where I show students how I use both a tablet and software to draw on quilts.” This is the sequel to the QW first class.

    I have been talking to several teachers, too, about teaching online classes on the QW site. I plan to expand the site this year.

    Good to hear from you!

  2. Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow. Mrow maaa Meow mraow mea ma ma meeeow.

    Meow, Meow meow maa. Mra Mraow Mra maow meaow.

    Ma Mea Meow, prrrrrrrrrrr meow.

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