Share the Love…

I just received an email this morning from my Blogging Designer contact, who wanted me to pass on that if you purchase anything from, you can get a 15% off coupon code.  Just paste ZZ-DESIGNER-0211 into the Coupon Code Box and hit apply.

Every so often, this company will allow me to share the love, so to speak, with regards to special discounts or promotions.

Speaking of beads, I am busy working on my next design piece.  I also plan to make some freeform autumn leaves for a quilt I am working on, too.  I am also in the midst of developing a new class on quilt fills and how to use them in your work.

You all know I cannot just lay around and recuperate, right?  It has now been a month since my surgery, and rather than get bored, I fill the time with creating!  Also reading.  Anyone care to suggest more book purchases for my Kindle App?  Cheers, Carla



7 thoughts on “Share the Love…

  1. I loved La Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver and adored Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier

    There’s two of my favourites!

    Hope your continueing to improve every day!


  2. Carla,

    I’m currently reading a free Kindle book called Beautiful Joe, written in the dog’s voice. It’s quite good!

    I’ve signed up to follow your blog, as I just discovered yours today.

    Hope you are well on your way to recovery!

    Best wishes,
    Connie Griffin

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