Freeform Winter Necklace

As I have mentioned before, I am honored to be a part of Blogging Designer Program for the last few years.   I love designing and creating bead, fiber, and metal jewelry pieces, and appreciate that I was chosen to participate in their program.

The Challenge was to create a piece inspired by “Winter Enchantment.”  I thought about the words and was immediately inspired by snow, winter and to create a freeform necklace and pendant appropriate for a winter bride:

I knew I wanted a pendant, so I searched the Artbeads website and discovered this lovely Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Pendant:

I next ordered a lovely selection of seed beads in various sizes and shades of white, gold, and silver seed beads and delicas.    I also used some lovely pearls, too, to add to the necklace.

To help ground the piece, I used a spiral Cellini Stitch for the necklace strap.  I thought it would a nice juxtaposition to go from chaos in the freeform work to organized in the spiral Cellini strap.

In the end, I love how the piece came out.   I did change colors in the beginning, but that is a part of the creative process- giving yourself the freedom to change directions.

For the Quilters reading this, please be aware that I will be teaching FreeForm Beading for Quilters at International Machine Quilting Showcase in May, 2011.  No experience needed for this class.

Thanks, once again, to ArtBeads.  Please note that I received some of the products free of charge from ArtBeads, but the company gives me complete freedom to review honestly each of the products received.  I have not been paid for any endorsements.

I hope you enjoy seeing this Winter necklace and pendant!  Hugs, Carla Barrett

9 thoughts on “Freeform Winter Necklace

  1. I saw this one in person and it is stunning — totally appropriate for a bride and it does look like winter, snowflakes, and sparkle. You are amazing Carla!

  2. Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately, the butterfly block was from an antique kimono. In fact, most of the fabrics in this quilt came from antique kimonos belonging to a family. The photos in the quilt show the relatives who wore them.

    That is a pretty block! You do have excellent taste! Happy quilting, Carla

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