Oreo The Cat: Update!

I thought I would update everyone about Oreo the Cat.  In case you are not aware of this heart warming story involving a  sweet black kitty, just read here.

Oreo was severely injured when someone started their car and the engine parts mangled this cat.  The person left Oreo and did not seek help.  The cat’s owner found Oreo, and called my husband, Joe, to help seek treatment.

The owner did not have the ability to pay for emergency or vet treatment, so my husband stepped up and paid for Oreo’s care.  Oreo needed an amputation, and about a week and a half of veterinarian care.  I promised you pictures, so here are some images of  Oreo taken today:

and this last shot:

I have some good news:  Oreo’s owner decided to give him to us so we could follow up with any needed care.   So now we have a new indoor kitty!!

Oreo is adjusting well.  He came out to explore today and comes when I call him.  He jumped up to give me about an hour worth of purring kitty love, it was very sweet.

Last Saturday, Joe took Oreo back to our Vet.  They were touched by this dear brave kitty, who has been through so much and still purrs.  The office staff became so very attached to Oreo during his stay, that they decided to take pictures and make a plaque to hang in the office.

I’m sure they were also touched by my husband, who so freely stepped in to pay for Oreo’s care.    What a man!  I sure did marry a good one!!

And that is my update!  I love a happy ending….


7 thoughts on “Oreo The Cat: Update!

  1. So glad there are good people in this world who care about animals and give them a chance for a recovery and continued life. Pat, Pat on the back to your hubby, you and the former owner of Oreo.

  2. Wonderful news, Carla! Nice to hear that Oreo is able to purr, in spite of his recent ordeal. Hope you’re feeling fine and purring along with Oreo after your surgery!

  3. He looks just like my little Wicca, who started life for the purpose of being snake food to some renters a friend of mine evicted!

    That is so wonderful that your hubby is so kind and caring! Working at an emergency clinic, I know that animals do so well if a leg has to be amputated. Especially young animals. They do compensate, and most of the time, you won’t even be able to tell they are missing a limb! I really wish that most people could know this! Hat’s off to you and your hubby!

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