Bead Box Therapy

I decided I needed to reward myself with a visit to the Bead Store once I finished Barb’s quilt on time.  So yesterday afternoon, I visited my favorite neighborhood  bead shop, Basically Beads to pick up beads and supplies for my freeform beading piece I am planning to do while recovering from my upcoming surgery.  Also, I was long overdue to hunt through their very large bead box they have for customers- Bead Box Therapy!  What is Bead Box Therapy, you might ask?

Picture a huge rubbermaid bin filled with a million beads- literally.  You hunt through this bin looking for just the right color of bead or beads.  You fill a small plastic ziplock bag and pay a mere $3 per bead bag. What a bargain!!  But this bead box is so much more.

The first time I discovered this bead box, I noticed how therapeutic it was.  I would come in stressed, then after hunting and digging through the bead box, my mind would become relaxed and calm.   I mentioned this finding to the store owners- and they told me that they hear this every day.  Turns out, they have other customers who come in to de-stress by digging in this bead box, too!  LOL

Hmmm…. I thought about this, and my theory is that sensory, tactile stimulation  is calming to the brain for some people.  Any other theories out in blog-land?  (be nice!)

After my zen-bead experience, here is what I came home with yesterday… to distract my mind from my pending surgery, I filed 5 bags yesterday, which looks like this:

I started off hunting for white and clear beads, then got sidetracked by the pretty colors.  LOL

So, who needs pre-op stress medication when  Bead Box Therapy  is available?  LOL    Cheers, Carla

6 thoughts on “Bead Box Therapy

  1. I completely believe that! As a species (sorry to go all scientific right away) we are hard-wired for tactile experience being a formative input to grow a healthy, stable & calm nervous system. So, heck yeah! I can totally see Bead Therapy!! Yay!! 🙂

  2. Seems you’re right, also the light focus of concentration and the thrill of the chase!

    Mostly though I’m wishing you good luck on the upcoming surgery. It’ll all be fine.

    Thinking of you. You think of going sailing or something.

    How’s Oreo doing?

  3. I agree-tactile stimulation is a calming influence. That’s why we like quilts! I notice especially in my beginning quilt making classes, students put their block on their knee and stroke it. I love your description of Bead Box Therapy!

  4. Love the beads and there are many days I could use a bead box instead of clenching my teeth…need to go to the dentist lately for a crown due to a broken tooth…too much clenching!

    Best wishes for the upcoming surgery!!!!

    Hugs to you,

    Karen A.

  5. Carla, hoping you the very best with the upcoming surgery, I think there is something very soothing about both the feeling and the sound of it, plus it keeps our minds just busy enough to stop worrying and not so busy we start up, no?

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