Oreo The Cat

Earlier this week, one evening, we received a phone call about an injured kitty named Oreo.  The owner lives on disability and had no car  or way to take Oreo to the emergency veterinarian.

My husband dropped everything and drove Oreo to the after hours emergency vet.  This poor cat, only about a year old,  had somehow gotten into a neighbor’s car (fan belt area) and fell asleep.  At least that is what the vet thinks.

Later that evening, we received a call from the emergency vet.  He said the kitty needs his back leg amputated it was so badly mangled.  Oreo had other injuries, too, including his front paw, which possibly sustained nerve damage.  Anyhow, the after-hours vet said that in the morning, Oreo would need to go to the usual vet office for treatment.

The next morning, my husband picked up Oreo and drove him over to our family vet for treatment.  Initially, they thought they could save his leg, but it became much worse.  Time for a decision…. euthanize Oreo or amputate his leg?  My good-hearted husband chose amputation,  saying that Oreo had such a sweet temperament.   Despite his injuries, Oreo was purring and very affectionate.

You may ask why my husband is making all the decisions when Oreo is not our cat?  It is because he knew the owner couldn’t afford the vet care, and really wasn’t in a financial or social position to even have a cat.  So, he is paying for all of Oreo’s vet bills, including emergency hospital care, a week or more of board and care, plus the surgery.  My DH is such a kind man, it touches my heart just how kind.  What is amazing is that my DH thinks he is doing nothing special, just doing the “right thing” for the situation.

Update:  Yesterday, we received a call to learn that Oreo came through the surgery just fine.  That is good news!  I will keep you updated about this now 3 -legged kitty.  Oh yes, the front paw that had some nerve damage initially?  Oreo is now moving it normally, too.

I promise to keep you posted about Oreo.

15 thoughts on “Oreo The Cat

  1. As a devoted “cat lady,” I loved this story and look forward to the updates. Somehow I think “saved” cats (or dogs) seem to know they’ve been saved and are very special.

  2. Your DH sounds like a wonderful man…..when I was younger we had a cat who would climb up into the engine of the car and sleep there because it was warm……even after a number of scares he still did it….but unfortunately came to a sticky end eventually!

    One of the daily tasks of my ‘paid’ work is to walk the dog of my disabled employer, he is a Jack Russell and lost a back leg in a traffic accident a few years ago…it is wonderful to see how an animal can overcome such a situation…..I bet Oreo will still be able to climb trees eventually!……love his name…Oreo….love the cookies too!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Your DH does sound like a wonderful man! That story brings tears to my eyes and it is so nice to know that there are such caring people in this world.

  4. What a great story Carla and I hope Oreo is doing good. There was a similar story in our area a couple weeks ago. This involved a lab that now has 3 legs. You can read about it if you type in Woodsprings Animal Clinic on Facebook.

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