A Must Have Book!

I just ordered my copy of the book, “Mommy is my Heart” by Lori Seavey, from the author’s website.  Here is a picture of this extraordinary book, which was illustrated by Teri Farrell-Gittins:

Here is a review:  “Beautifully written and illustrated. This story is told through the eyes of a seven year old. It touches on all the feelings of loss that the young girl experiences, when her Mother dies. I found this book to be honest, real, and most helpful in explaining death to young children.
Nancy Bolger Los Angeles, CA.”

If you know of a family that has been touched by cancer, this book will help the children cope with their loss and know they are not alone with their feelings.   Lori was inspired to write this book after the cancer death of a friend, Carol  French Doughty.

The quality of the illustration is top notch!  I have long admired Teri’s work:

I look forward to receiving my copy of this book!    Thank you for letting me share it with you.  Lori and Teri, excellent job, my friends!

2 thoughts on “A Must Have Book!

  1. Thank you, Carla!
    This book has been getting amazing feedback from both children and adults. It is very rewarding to help families as they mourn the loss of a loved one….
    We are glad to have created this book for those who need it. Some kindhearted people have even purchased it to donate to their local hospitals and libraries, to grief organizations and support groups.

  2. Hi Lori, thanks for the idea of donating it to my library. I want your book to get to the children and adults that can help them as they mourn.

    I am very proud of you, dear friend!! Carla

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