Thank You, Santa!

I received an early Christmas present this past weekend from my DH, Joe.  Next month, I will be taking some time off from my creative work to have an artificial disc replacement (ADR) spine surgery, so my dear husband wanted me to be as comfortable as possible during the recovery period.  Sweet, huh?   Here is what he bought me, a zero gravity “Perfect Chair:


This chair is so comfy!!!    If you push the silver knob on the left arm, the chair reclines back into a zero gravity position, similar to NASA astronaut positions on flights.  It has a quiet motor that does this.  Now I have to be patient and wait for it to be delivered.

I am a firm believer in buying things to make your life more comfortable.  Same goes for post surgery recovery.  To this end, here are some things I have on hand:

Overbed Table: This table will work next to, and over my bed as well as with the Perfect Chair, above.

It is very functional for eating, using your laptop computer, and perhaps as a beading or drawing surface.

Grabber Thingy:

OK, laugh if you want!  This is one of those stupid things you see on TV infomercials.  However, when you cannot bend easily for a period of time, it will be a helpful item.

iPad – During my recovery, I can watch TV and Movies on demand with my Netflix App.  Read a book?  Click on my Kindle App.  Play any number of games- including Angry Bird?  Yes, Apps again.  Listen to Music? Read my Emails?  Surf the Web?  Yes, yes and yes- all with my lightweight iPad, shown here:

I could stop here, but will mention a few other favorite comfort recovery items:

Thermophore Large Heating Pad– This is the BEST, most comfortable  heating pad you can buy!  Trust me on this!   Buy the one with the non-digital control button.

Last, I still need to buy some products from Brookstone, including some NAP material slippers, another blanket since I gave my last one away, and and a new lumbar pillow for the car ride home. Oh yes, I plan to have lots of small creative projects on hand, too.  I will organize them ahead of time, so when I feel better, I don’t have to search for supplies.

Oh course, the best Christmas present is spending quality time with loved ones, especially grandkids!  What are you doing for the Holidays?

Hugs, Carla



5 thoughts on “Thank You, Santa!

    • Yes, I can’t wait to get sailing again! The advantages of an artificial disc over a fusion relate to long term mobility. We are planning a trip to the Bahamas this year… any tips for what months are the best to go- wind wise?

      • Carla, it is beautiful there, like you cannot imagine. Don’t go in hurricane season, so anytime from Nov/Dec through till May/June. Honestly, it is fabulous the entire time during those months. Where are you chartering? The Abacos or elsewhere? There are northerly front systems that come through all of the Bahamas in Dec/Jan that REALLY blow, like 40-60 knots and you have to sit on board all day waiting it out. It is better later, like March on, and it is better further south, so if you have a cholce of the Exumas over the Abacos, and you have to go in Dec/Jan chose the Exumas, the fronts will be warmer and not as strong.

        Does that help? Ask more if you want, we’d be delighted to talk Bahamas!

  1. Oh Carla – I do hope all goes well for you. You are certainy going to have the best after care – well done to DH…and have a WONDERFUL Christmas with the grand kids. Take it easy and remember we will all be thinking of you.

  2. You know I’ll be thinking of you. I’m glad Joe has gotten you such a comfy chair and other things that will make life easier for you. My early Christmas present from my DH was a kindle and I’m on my second book. Must stop reading and get the place cleaned up. At least all my presents are bought and wrapped and I’ve done some of the cooking. Merry Christmas Carla, Enjoy your family!

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