Holiday Month

The holidays are right around the corner.  Is money tight this year due to the economy?  Here are some free tutorials I have that would make wonderful homemade gifts.

Microwave Potato Bag Pattern

If you appreciate using this pattern, which gets hundreds of hits per day, please leave me a thank you note.  Disclaimer: Use at your own risk and please note that I am not liable if you decide to use this free pattern and fail to read all the directions, follow them, and supervise your microwave.



Copper Bookmark Tutorial

For the reader in your life.  This is a beginning metal project using easily attainable materials from the hardware and craft store.

This tutorial does not have any disclaimers- except maybe to not hammer your thumb, or pull a muscle in your elbow.  LOL


Mokuba Freelace Scarf

This is a fun project using a little known product, called mokuba freelace.   If you cannot find it, then substitute 2 sheets of water soluble, your favorite brand.


Last Tutorial I will feature is my Freeform Crochet Tutorial.  This is a tutorial for beginning and advanced crocheters, but only if you purposely crochet in a haphazard manner and let your free spirit come out!

Freeform Crochet Tutorial:

This project is for any friend or relative.  Why not make one for yourself?

Have fun!!  If you try any of these, please let me know.  I offer them free because I love to share, spread good karma, etc.

If you are a quilter, be sure to check out my site,   Happy Holidays to all!!  Hugs, Carla

5 thoughts on “Holiday Month

  1. That scarf is gorgeous! I am a crocheter, but mostly quilter nowadays, but I have never heard of freeform crochet. I guess I don’t get out enough. I’m going to take yarn inventory now and head for the yarn shop soon. Thanks for putting it and the other items on your blog.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Linda, be sure to use leftover yarn from old projects. Or pick up cool sweaters from the thrift store and unwind the yarn to use. You can strip fabric, too and silk, too.

  2. Hi Carla – Yes, I do appreciate your tutorials so here’s a big THANK YOU!! Last year’s gift to all was the potato bag, except I used potato fabric. Super cute and the potato’s taste better, too!!

    As for the bookmarks, they were the gift for the prior Christmas. I can honestly say that I have now made at least 50, maybe more. They turn out so well and also give your upper arm a bit of exercise while pounding the copper flat.

    I look forward to seeing what you have in store next. Happy holidays!

    • Hi Debbie, wow, you certainly paid attention and did a good job!

      Ok, I will confess I am working on a new tutorial…. it will use friendly plastic, something I remember from the 1980’s. LOL!

      MY next tutorial will be a fabric bed organizer so you have everything you need at your disposal when you lie down in bed or wake up. I am actually making one for me, and I want it to look good so I need fabric to match my bedroom.

      keep watching….

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