Ugly Christmas Sweaters

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to turn your minds to finding the perfect “Ugly Christmas Sweater” to wear to your UGLY Christmas Sweater Party!!  Yes, you, too, can own one of these:

There are actually businesses that cater to people holding Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties!    I think that is pretty funny.

If anyone reading this has an ugly holiday sweater picture to send me,  just drop me a comment and I will be in contact.  I can keep your picture anonymous  if it is REALLY ugly, or I can give you credit if you wish.

My recession tip is to find your ugly sweater at the local thrift stores!  I bet you can pick one up for less than $3, too.

Any reason to laugh is good.   Cheers, Carla

7 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  1. I lent a sweater to who I THOUGHT was going to wear son’s friend (who is a girl). What I didnt’ know, was that SHE was not going to wear it..HE was. I didnt’ seem to mind that she would get a prize (I really LIKED that sweater..but it does not fit me any more) He got 2nd place..I think because it was so small for him! It kinda hurt my feelings…but I laughed anyway…wish I had a picture for you!

  2. She’s right!

    Last Christmas a co-worker mentioned that there ‘outta be a place’ and I went with it! I opened my buttuglysweater store on Sept 1.

    I’m having a blast!


  3. Hi there! I hosted my first Tacky Christmas Sweater party 2 years ago and it permanently changed me!!! I literally had never laughed so hard in my entire life until then! Based on this experience of PURE Christmas Sweater JOY, I created the website: and the APP called “The Christmas Sweater-izer” (Avail. at iTunes for 99¢)…so more people could get the giggles like I did!

    The Christmas Sweater-izer APP empowers you to create hilarious photos of people in Christmas Sweaters and hats, pick your background and frame and write a funny (or basic) caption to spice it up even more. You can share the pics you create online or print them up as holiday cards or on t-shirts, mugs or other items (which make awesome witty gifts).

    I’ve been collecting ugly Christmas sweaters since July in preparation for this season—and have had tons of LOL moments along the way!!! You can see some of my sweaters “in action” on the website, in the APP and I’d be happy to email you a photo of me in the sweater I wore to host my first party-it’s a doozy!!! 😀

    I hope you get some good Christmas sweater belly-laughs this year! On the website, I also have a Christmas Sweater Advent Calendar—so that’s 25 chances to giggle right there!!!

    Best Wishes & Happy Holidays!
    Trisha Duck
    “Everything’s Better In A Christmas Sweater!”

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