“I’m seeing Grandma & Grandpa?”

I haven’t written about Jack lately, who is my dear grandson, now age 2 and 3/4.    We love to have Jack spend the night and spend time with us at our home.  In fact, last Sat and Sunday Jack came over for a visit.

This morning, my son casually mentioned to Jack that he was going to see grandma and grandpa today.  Jack immediately went and packed his bag with toys, assuming that he was going to visit our home right then and there.  Our son took a picture  of Jack on his way to the garage where the car is.  Notice his rolling overnight case?  He is ready to go!!  LOL

He melts our hearts with his cute personality.  How sweet that he wants to visit us, too.  Actually, we planned to visit Jack and family at his house this time.

I got a chance to peek at what Jack was planning to bring in his rolling Diego case.  He had some favorite toys, and also some books in the bag.  No clothes… LOL  Guess toys are what are important to a almost 3 year old.   Ahhh… to be a young child again!!



7 thoughts on ““I’m seeing Grandma & Grandpa?”

  1. He is just adorable!!! Nothing compares to the pleasure you get from your grandkids, I know, I have 3! Only complaint, they grow up so fast!!!He is just a doll!!

  2. Carla, just another in a long line of coincedences you and I have already talked about. first, my married name is Barrett… and I have a sister in-law named Carla (not Barrett) and I am a quilter… and on and on.
    But NOW… my s-i-l Carla has her newest grandson JACK who was born on Friday just after midnight.
    have a great week.

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