Post Class & Jayne’s Quilt

My online class is now over, and it was a wonderful success!!  Thanks to all my students, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your work!

One part of the class that I enjoy doing is where the students submit pictures of quilt tops and I design them, also known as “quilt whispering.”  Here are 2 random examples from class, the first is a quilt by Diane:

And this next quilt belongs to Joann H.:

The students can then take my suggestions or change them up, whatever they wish.  In the past, I have had several students who quilted my designs and won awards at major shows.  This has been rewarding to see students succeed.

I am back quilting on my machine now.  Which reminds me that I didn’t share the quilt I quilted before my online class began.  This was a cute embroidered quilt for Jayne:

Jayne’s quilt had some lovely embroidery. Here is a close-up of a block so you can see how I quilted it close-up:

My freehand quilting really makes the blocks stand out and draws the eye, doesn’t it?

I haven’t been quilting as much as usual- not only due to teaching the online class, but because I re-injured my right elbow a few months ago.  I have been going to physical therapy and the elbow and arm is doing much better!  It feels good to quilt again.

How have you been?  Carla



10 thoughts on “Post Class & Jayne’s Quilt

  1. Oh Carla – the class was fabulous – I feel quite flat just now…and I have been drawing and sewing – so all is well in the world. Moslty 🙂 Thankyou for all you care and thoughtfullness. Beautiful quilting you have there! I hope to be in your next class – whenever that will be 🙂

  2. It’s so good to see quilts on your blog again and I am impressed with your on-line quilt whisperer class. Hope your elbow continues to improve and we all continue to see your fabulous quilts and your designs. Happy quilting and welcome back.

  3. Welcome back Carla. Wish I could have taken your online class, but it’s been too hectic in my life right now and I’m still not technologically equipped. Maybe next year.

    • Darlene, The skills you need for the online class are:

      How to right click on a file and save as.
      How to post pictures on the forum
      How to maneuver in the class forum
      How to update your adobe reader

      Hope this helps….

  4. Carla, I hope your elbow is on the mend.
    Your quilting is so beautiful and inspiring…..your class would have been wonderful. Life has been crazy for so long now, but I’m been forced on the treadmill and hope to catch my breath soon.
    Thank you for this post,

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