In Memory of Karen…

I am often contacted to see if I might share one of my cartoons for various purposes or publications.

I was recently contacted by Kathi B., who asked to use my cartoon, titled, “Colonoscopy Prep,” for use in a memorial booklet she put together for her good friend, Karen Murray, to pass out at her memorial service.  Karen, a fun, delightful, positive friend, had passed away as a complication from colon cancer.

What made this most tragic is that Karen’s cancer could have been caught earlier if only she had her baseline Colonoscopy.    She put this test off until her early 60’s, when she was having symptoms.

The booklet, titled, “Musings From The Lipstick Mafia: One Cancer Patient’s Humorous Words of Wisdom and Faith,”  is filled with Karen’s trademark humor and stories about her last two years.   Reading it made me want to know Karen and spend time with her.

In memory of Karen, please consider scheduling your baseline Colonoscopy today.  Please do not put it off!   Oh yes…Be sure to wear your favorite lipstick while you are at it,  in Karen’s memory.


5 thoughts on “In Memory of Karen…

  1. As my Grandmother used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cures”.

    In addition to colonoscopies, there are some really simple stool and blood tests available that can help detect colon cancer.

    Just don’t wait….make the time….it’s important !!!!

  2. Hello, thank you for giving tribute to my Mom…who was a light and joy to all who knew her, especially me- her daughter. I am 40 years old, and because of my mother’s dying from colon cancer- I promised her (and my primary doctor) that I’d get a colonoscopy this year…so I’m making my appointment this week! Mom is looking down from Heaven and pleased with that, I’m sure… Thanks again for writing about her…she continues to leave a legacy of love even if she is not with us face to face.

    • Hi Lori, my condolences over your loss. Reading the booklet made me laugh, and made me wish I had the opportunity to know your mom.

      I am so glad you are getting your colonoscopy done. Your mom is definitelysmiling down from heaven that you are doing this.

      Hugs to you and your family, Lori.

  3. A colonoscopy saved my life one and half years ago!!! My colon had ruptured and this was the only way to find the problem!!! I am a huge advocate! The prep is far worse than the procedure!!!

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