About Class, etc.

As many of you know, I am teaching my online class right now, on my own website, too, at www.Quilt whisper.com/forum.

It is going very well, I will admit to working about 10 hours per day on the class.  Students are also working hard, so kudos to them as well.  It is a fun group and I am enjoying teaching the class.

Other News:  Been babysitting Jack, my grandson.  He spent the night last night, which is always fun!

I am also thinking about planning my vacations next year… we know we want to spend a few weeks on a yacht in a warm climate.  Perhaps the Bahamas?

Speaking of yachts, we have taken our O’Day boat out at least once per week since we bought her.  I just love to sail and spend time with Joe onboard!!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  Hugs, Carla



2 thoughts on “About Class, etc.

  1. Hi Carla,
    I looked back through old posts but obviously, I missed it, that is wanting to know what computer you bought to replace your tablet that died during our class at MQS.
    I offered you mine to use, but in the end you didn’t need it.
    Now I am looking for a suggestion seeing as my touchscreen has bit the diust for the last and final time, it was a lemon from the get go.
    Any suggestions? What brand and model did you choose?
    Thanks in advance, as I know you are busy with classes.

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