Class Registration and other items…

I decided to take a few minutes and come up for air!  I have been busy registering students for my next online class that begins on Monday, October 18th.  I am happy to report that registration has been a complete success!

The demographics for this class is  a wonderful cross section of both sit down machine quilters and people in business with stand up quilting systems.  It is a nice mix of quilters from around the US, plus several students from Australia, Germany, England,  and Canada.   Students have been very upbeat and positive about taking my class, too.  We will have a good time.

Class starts on October 18, 2010 and lasts 3 weeks.  For more info, just click my class button above my Header art above.


What else have I been up to?    I went thrift store hunting and scored more designer clothes for my fall wardrobe.  All for $1.50 per top!  I love a bargain, plus it just makes sense in this economy to save wherever you can.  Also came home with lots of grandkids toys to add to my collection.  Jack and Kate have more toys here than at home, I think.  LOL

Been sailing on my boat, S/V Sea Glass, a few times.  Sailing has become the highlight of my weekend time with Joe.  It has been 90- degrees, so it is still bathing suit weather here in Northern California.

Spent babysitting time with Jack and Kate.  They are so cute and fun to be around!  I love being a grandmother!

Preparing for Fall class season in the local stores.  I am teaching a wide variety of classes here in Northern CA-  an Autumn Leaves quilt, my slash therapy quilt, 3 purse classes, and yes, an adorned fabric bowl class.  More details to follow…

What have YOU been up to?  Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “Class Registration and other items…

  1. You have busy busy busy! I love that you just have so many adventures in your life.. good luck with your new online classes! Sorry i have been poor at keeping up. I always think of you tho! Hey i have this brand new wool jacket that was hanging in my closet.. think it got a few moth holes..then thought of you and all your creations you do with wool.. gonna save it for you.. now if we ever see each other.

  2. Whew, reading your list of activiites and adventures has worn me out!!:) Glad everything is working out for you and I know your class is the best. I wish I could have taken it this time. Hopefully you will come back to MQS and I can sign up then. I don’t have the latest computer tools/pads to use with it. Maybe Santa will bring me some to play with. Miss hearing from you on Yahoo forum, but I totally understand with your schedule. Dar

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