New Website and Class Announcement

Hello from Carla!  I first wanted to announce my new site where I will be teaching:

I developed this site as a place to offer classes, learn and visit with others.  In the future, I will be sponsoring classes from other artists.  But first, I will be offering my long- awaited class on Quilting Design:

Fall 2010 Quilt Whisperer 101 Class

Registration will open next Monday, October 4th, 2010 at 9:00 am PST.  Register early as the class may become full.   Information on how to register will be placed on both my Blog Class Page and also on the site.  If you have difficulty getting on to these 2 sites, please be patient, as it may be due to high traffic.  This happened before, so please try later if this happens.

Any questions?  I hope to see you in class!!  Hugs, Carla


4 thoughts on “New Website and Class Announcement

  1. Carla:
    Your web class sounds interesting. I do all of my quilting on my home sewing machine now. Would this class work for a home sewing machine quilter?

    Your quilts are amazing!

    • Hi Barb, yes, I would say that about 25-30% of the class are made up of domestic machine quilters. The term “domestic” is the industry name for a home sewing machine.

      I tend to get a variety of students from all around the world. Some have longarms, some have mid-arm machines, a few have short-arm systems, and the rest use a domestic sewing machine. I have even taught design to hand quilters.

      Some students are considered “professionals” and quilt for clients, but all the students quilt for themselves. The great thing is that it all comes down to quilt design, no matter what tool you use to do the quilting.

      Thanks for asking! Carla

  2. Thank you so much for offering this calss again. I can hardly wati to begin. You are suh an inspiiration. Brenda C

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