American River College Quilt

Here is a quilt I designed as a custom project for a friend, Molly, many years ago.  This quilt was to celebrate the American River College (ARC) anniversary.   ARC is located in Sacramento, CA.

The quilt was auctioned off, then donated back to the college by Molly and her husband.  It now is on permanent display in the college library, behind glass.

Here is the quilt:

If you look closely, there are pictures scattered all over the quilt which features pictures from the college founding and history.  There is even one of Ronald Reagan, who was Governor of California when he visited the college.  This is my “subtle” photo transfer technique which I have been doing for about 9 years now.

The overlay of the fiber art tree was something I added during the quilting process.  The leaves were made using water soluble process and fibers.

This quilt was shown only one time- at the California State Fair, where it won a first and Best of Division ribbons.

I have never shown this quilt on my blog before, so I figured it was time.  What joggled my memory was a recent email from Molly letting me know that ARC was getting this quilt appraised.

I do have another quilt like this waiting in my queue to be quilted.  When I design a quilt, I always like to have aother one on hand to remind me of the first quilt.

Happy Quilting!  Carla


3 thoughts on “American River College Quilt

  1. Love this quilt! “Photo transfer” and “subtle” usually do not coexist. How gratifying to see your quilts stand the test of time!

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