WIP & Designs

Hello, been a few days since I posted, so thought I would show you what I am up to.

I do have a new quilt on my frame that I am part way through.  Today, I decided I do  not like my border design for this quilt, so I will take the time to unstitch the area, aka “frogging a quilt.”  It will take me many hours, but the final result will be worth it.

Then, I am in the midst of making some new class samples using current fabrics.  First up is my slash Therapy Quilt, I have finished the body of the quilt shown here:

The photo is a bit misleading, right now, the border stops at the navy dot fabric.  The finished border will be pieced and more interesting.  Here is this quilt in a different colorway:

My next project is a cool purse that has been in my head for years.  I need to hunt for the right fabric to create it.  Here is my working sketch design:

I also want to re-design this purse from years ago that I started with my friend, Lori:

Next WIP is getting my new class website together.  That is coming along nicely.  I am still on schedule for my Fall QW class.  I plan to announce the dates soon.  If you are already on my mailing list here  or the list at the QW Yahoo Group, then you should expect an announcement first.

If you want to get on my list, just leave a comment on my Class page.

Enjoy your week!!  Hugs, Carla


One thought on “WIP & Designs

  1. I love the new quilt — I need to get mine out and finish it — I love that big print you used. As soon as I finish the quilt I’m not enjoying — that will be my reward.

    Your purses are so cute and original.

    Frogging….ugh! I remember the tie quilt and all that frogging you did before you came up with something better.

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