Good News From Nancy!

Nancy, who lives in Lenoir, NC, USA, called me this weekend to let me know that her Morganton, NC guild show judging had taken place- and that the quilt I quilted for her won 1st place in her guild’s professional division.  Here is the quilt that won:

Here is the back:

Here is a closeup of the front.  I had some challenges with this quilt as my stitch regulator and SID  feature on my longarm went cabooey, so I couldn’t do any straight line work.

My machine was fixed after this quilt, so life is good once again!

Nancy is a very sweet woman in her 80’s.  I do enjoy quilting her quilts; she is a dear friend!  I am glad she won as there was some issues with her entering previously since she used a quilter who did not live in NC.   That “rule” has been lifted by the current board members, so Nancy was allowed to enter this year.

I do wish Nancy had internet service so she could see how much you all enjoy her quilts! One time, I read your comments to her and she was thrilled!

Happy Quilting!  Carla


15 thoughts on “Good News From Nancy!

  1. Well, I have admired your work for a long time. What can I say except that you are awesome! What a beautiful job you did yet another quilt! Are you teaching at HMQS, Salt Lake in 2011 Spring? I would love to take your class!!!

    • Thanks, Diane!! I didn’t even have to bribe you to say that either… LOL!

      Next year, I have or plan to be at- or submit classes to MQS and MQX West. The deadline for HMQS was last month, so I missed that. Perhaps in 2012? You could help by suggesting that you want me there to the show organizers.

      Thanks again, for your kind words! Carla

  2. Wonderful news! Glad the guild allowed it – it would have been a shame if they said no! Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting! Carla, on the blue border, do you stitch the spine with a ruler, or mark the spine first? Love that! Cindye

    • Hi Cindye, Thanks for the compliment on this quilt. No, I did not mark the spine on this quilt. I just visually guesstimated the spine in my head, then went for it.

      If this were a more “show” type quilt than “bread and butter,” I would mark it and be more exact. I don’t use rulers for spines, instead I just mark the spine or double spine before the quilting. I never mark the actual feathers though.

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