Doug’s Sierra Nomad Quilt

Doug always gives me fun quilts to do for his artisan-built trailers.  His latest trailer is called “Sierra Nomad,” and it is stunning!  I lifted borrowed these pictures from Doug of his hand-built trailer:

Here is the picture of the other side:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?  Doug also makes a quilt for each trailer he had made.  I quilt them all with fun motifs and items quilted into the quilt.  The quilt matches the curtains, and the detail inside the trailer.

Here is the finished quilt:

I quilted a simple, but effective border for this quilt.  Here is the back side:

I also “hid” many fun motifs and wording into his quilt.  Besides the name of his trailer, “Sierra Nomad,” and “DougKraft,” his logo, I quilted a bear:

I decided the bear needed a name, and what better name than “doug!”  LOL

and some trees.  Here is an easy quilted tree:

This one is a scroll with the words, “Blah, blah, blah.”  It has a hidden meaning that is funny to Doug and I.  Look close to see it:

These type of trailers are nicknamed “canned hams,” so that explains this motif, shown from the back:

Doug had a wonderful dog named ‘Daisy,” who he lost back in May, 2008, due to cancer.  Doug loved that dog, who was his faithful companion.  I decided to sneak in a memorial to Daisy within the quilt.  Look for a dog and some daisys:

I hope you have enjoyed my story behind Doug’s quilt.   Some quilts, while not show quality or award winners; are truly special for other reasons.

Regards, Carla


16 thoughts on “Doug’s Sierra Nomad Quilt

  1. I don’t know if I like the quilt or the trailer better. They sure go together. One of the best quilts that I’ve seen.

  2. The trailer is adorable and so is the quilting — cute how you put all those memory things in it. What does Doug charge for one of the trailers and does the quilt leave with the trailer when it sells?

    If I was going to buy a trailer — I would want one of these.

  3. I, too, am interested in the trailers. I love it that there is a special quilt for each trailer. That’s really great! Your quilting and personalizing of the quilts is wonderful.

  4. I loved this quilt and the quilting! You have spurred me on to quilt words …I’m quilting a USC quilt for a good friend of my husbands. I was going to quilt football words in a small TOT border. My husband has diff ideas! He wants…National champions…Heisman trophy etc. THAT takes more planning. Drat..I thought I was almost done…

  5. What a cool thing to get to do! I haven’t been in blog land much in a long while and this was such a treat this morning!

    Did he piece that border or is that a printed fabric? If it is printed would you care to share the manufacturer and/or collection it came from.

  6. Hello, Your DH and you are both very talented. My DH and I just retired and would love to have a small trailer like this. Where do you all live??? How much does a trailer like this cost??? Hugs Judy

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