Purse for Linda

I thought I would give you a sneak peek into a purse I made for Linda James.  Linda was the door prize winner in a class earlier this year and this was what I made for her:

I learned to make this purse from Lori during one of our Creative Week Adventures.  This is where we get together for a week and just create.

Here is a shot peeking down:

See the pretty flower?    Anyway, I love this pattern, so a shout out thanks to Lori!

Linda, if you are reading this, I plan to mail it off tomorrow.

So, what creative goodness have you been up to?

Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “Purse for Linda

  1. I love this little purse!
    The fabric and braid for the handle that you used are perfect!
    Is there pattern information you can share?
    I would love to buy the pattern and try it.
    It is so cute, and looks relatively easy.
    Love those huge grommets!

    • Hi Carol, yes, this is a beginner’s purse pattern. Unfortunately, there is no formal pattern. Actually, I drew up one to use since I had lost the pattern I made when Lori taught me. I later taught this as a class in my local quilt store many years ago.

      Hmmm…. if enough people are interested, and Lori doesn’t mind if I teach it, perhaps I could do an online class in the future. I was thinking I would love to do some online classes down the road on all the crafty projects that I do.

  2. Oh WOW! I love it!!!!! Yahoo!!! Love the flower in the bottom. You always think of the “little things.” Can I put a picture of it on my blog when I get it? Can’t wait. Thank you.

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