Too Funny!!!

Stop what you are doing and visit this LINK.  Read the hilarious and ingenious way that “Jenny” decided to quilt her job:

photo  from The Chive

Update: There is a rumor now that this is a made up story…. a hoax.  I think it is still amusing and worth looking at, I think!  Her facial expressions are so funny!  The Chive plan to reveal “Jenny” tomorrow on their site.

2nd Update: A second word from “Jenny” with 16 photos.  I knew it, but I was entertained!!  LOL!


2 thoughts on “Too Funny!!!

  1. Thanks so much for your creativity on the quilt Carla!….everyone always has great comments on the work that you do that is incorporated into all my builds and it is certainly an integral part of my success. A project like this has to be the complete deal. It really makes them special. I’m so glad to have such a creative person like you as a friend, and of course, the unusual sense of humor goes without saying… I love it! Doug

    PS…your work also has appeared the following publications, Arts and Crafts Homes, Cottages and Bungalows and a coffee table book on tiny travel trailers.

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