Carla Creative Exercise #1

For some reason, I am in a creative exercise mode right now.  I love  creative exercises in order to improve and expand my creativity.  For fun, I thought  I would share some with you.

As a series, I will be offering 5 free  “carla’s creative exercises” for you to print out and complete.  Once you have finished each exercise,  share them on your own blog, website or facebook.  That’s it!  Easy, right?

Here is exercise #1, printing instructions are below:

Printing Instructions: Click on image above.  Click “print preview”  (PC) or Page Set-up (Mac) and change the scale to fit the page-.  Make sure your orientation is  set up for “portrait” printing (rather than landscape).  Then print.

Use any medium to complete the exercises that you wish.  Crayons, ink, watercolor, digital, doodles,  or any other you wish.

Here is how I finished my creative exercise #1- a digital sketch of a birdy thinking about dinner:

So, anyone up for a free creative lesson?  Have fun, Carla


14 thoughts on “Carla Creative Exercise #1

    • Thanks for the feedback about your image reduction. I modified my instructions and left off the %.

      The answer to your question is a big YES, you can be creative. Pretend you are back in Elementary school, and your teacher handed you the worksheet and told you to “just have fun!” You can do it.

  1. Oh man, I wish I saw this when I was at work. Then I could have printed the page out…no ink in my printer at the moment and I’m too cheap to buy it! Well there is nothing stopping me from using regular paper and then scanning when I get back to work on Tuesday. Let’s see if the ocean gives me any inspiration.

    You so rock!

    • You may send it to me and I can do a follow up post.

      If anyone does not have a blog, but wants to share your lovely, wonderful work, just leave me a message and I will send you my email.

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