News From Nancy

Remember the last quilt I did for Nancy?  Here is the “before:”

And here is the after:

Very sweet quilt.  Nancy is a doll, so she deserves nice quilting.

Anyway, Nancy called today and told me that she named this quilt after me.  I believe it is titled, “Carla’s Lovely Stitches.”    Ahhhhh….. that is so sweet!

The other news relates to her guild.  A year ago, she was told she couldn’t enter her quilts because her quilter lived out of state.  This really hurt her feelings, so she stopped showing all her quilts.

Well, the guild reviewed this ruling and changed it so she could enter this quilt and others.  So she is entering this quilt into the August show this month.

Wishing all good things for Nancy!  Btw, I have a yellow and white reproduction antique quilt pattern quilt coming up from Nancy.  I haven’t designed it yet, but will soon.  Will show pictures when I do.


8 thoughts on “News From Nancy

  1. Carla, I love how you quilted this. You are a fabulous quilter, always. What an odd ruling about her quilter being from out of state. I think somebody was jealous that she knew a fantastic quilter.

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