Birdy Doodle

Couldn’t resist!  I just had to convert one of my bird sketches into a large (9″ x 11″) bird doodle. Click on the bird image twice to get a very large view:

This is a digital creation, like all of my drawings, cartoons, etc.  Specifically, created in Photoshop with my tablet laptop.

Most of the spaces are filled with quilting fills and a few font types.  Here are some close-ups:

And here is the tail:

And a close-up of the body:

I have having fun with doodling- with a quilting twist.  I hope you have enjoyed them, too.

Take care, Carla


5 thoughts on “Birdy Doodle

  1. Ok, just fixed the feet…. the bird’s feet were bothering me, then this morning I woke up and saw I had put a chicken foot on the bird. LOL

  2. Ok, I did personalize it a bit. I wrote a love letter to Joe, a list of things I like doing and the “hello” section has to do with grandson, Jack. He loves to pull up an app called Talking Carl, who repeats words you say. Jack loves to say hello over and over and of course, Talking Carl repeats it.

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