Creepy Crawly

I may never do my laundry again!

I was doing my weekly laundry the other day and was moving the wash from the washer to the dryer.  I reach in and pull out this 5-6 inch “thing” in 2 parts, and wonder what it is…

Oh gross!  It dawns on me slowly that I am touching a washed scorpion!  That means I put it in there with a load of towels!  From the looks of it, the scorpian was HUGE, too, the biggest I have ever seen.  Ewww, I touched it!!

Of course, now I am afraid to do my laundry.  You would, too, if you saw this thing.

I am now walking around my house in thick crocs with one of those grabber tools.  I think I will call the exterminator now….


10 thoughts on “Creepy Crawly

  1. I’m so sorry! This is one critter I have had to get used to seeing on a regular basis living in the desert. We had a TON of them the 1st year (over 15 in one summer), but don’t see them much. That being said, 2 nights ago, one of the dogs found one..and my son found another..about 3 minutes apart! and I had been barefoot ALL DAY! (not today!)

  2. Oh SICK! I’d have a real problem with that! Generally I’m not afraid of spiders that would send me over the edge. May I never live in the desert.

  3. Ok, I finally did a load of laundry again… I picked up each clothes piece with the tip of two fingers, shook them out, then threw them quickly into the washer. I deserve a gold medal of bravery for doing this.

    still creeped out, Carla

  4. uggh gross. if it makes you feel any better we ended up having to chase 3 bats out of our house within 72hrs of each other! I still wake up in the middle of the night if I feel anything brush me in my sleep!

  5. yikes! Scorpions are horrible creatures. Make sure you shake out your shoes before putting your tender toes into them.

  6. Ugh!
    Be careful, and just in case, keep Benadryl on hand!

    My granddog was stung by a scorpion a week ago. They live in Scottsdale, AZ and usually go for a run before bedtime because the weather is cooler at that time. . . Maybe he picked it up then – who knows? At 1am he woke them, asking to go outside. Then he collapsed on the way back into the house. Totally unresponsive. They rushed him to the overnight vet hospital, where the vet diagnosed it as a scorpion sting and prepared them for the worst. They treated him all night. By morning he had plenty of benadryl, steroids and $1,000 later he was on the mend and released to go home.

  7. Carla, it is the little ones that pack the whollup when it comes to biting. The big ones not so much. At least that is what we were told in Mexico 🙂
    Still, not a pleasant thing to go through. Reminds me of the time I found a cockroach in the handle area of my suitcase (again in Mexico)….

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