How I Work

Some cartoons evolve based on a thought.  Sometimes I just sketch and freeform draw, then put the sketch away.  Here is an example of such a rough sketch:

This one is not autobiographical, I must say. LOL

Then, I redraw and fine tune my sketch into a cartoon format:

Then, my last step is the wording.  I probably will change the mirror words to reflect the theme of the finished cartoon.  In the cartoon above, I am thinking about women and their struggle with self confidence mixed with a Stuart Smalley type of daily affirmation.  I admit, it just doesn’t yet work for me.

This cartoon might evolve into a finished cartoon, or maybe not.  I have a whole file of semi finished cartoons that are waiting to be completed like the one above.

Here is another preliminary sketch:

Which then evolved into this cartoon, which poked fun at judges:

So this gives you a glimpse of how I work with my cartoons.  Most are about quilting, but others reflect what is happening in my life; like the time I had my baseline colonoscopy:

Of course, this was only funny AFTER  I had the experience.  LOL

Cheers, Carla


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