Favorite Apps

I admit it… I am an App junkie.  I love my Apps and I am always looking for new ones.  As of today, here are my favorite Apps:

Kindle App– I love that you do not even need a kindle device to use this.  I now download books to both my KIndle and my ipad.  I prefer to read on my ipad since it is back lit and doesn’t make any annoying “click” noises.

Netflix, ABC Player, NPR, Hulu Plus, etc- I love any App where you can watch movies, tv and listen to your NPR broadcast.

Dragon Dictation- Don’t like to type?  This is the App for you!

Pandora– worthwhile if you love music!

Google– so many uses!  I love the “voice search” feature!

Favorite Games: No Surprise, this list is pretty long!

Spider HD The Secret of Bryce Manor– This is my #1 all time favorite game app.  In this game, you are a spider and need to solve the crime!  Eat bugs to keep your energy up, and look for hidey holes, too.  I do not like spiders, but I love this game!

Doodlejump– very addicting.  It is hard to stop once you start.

BeJeweled 2- Another mindless, but addicting game!

Bookworm– Another favorite way to keep my brain from shrinking.  Hint: Mute the Worm from offering annoying hints.

Arcade Bowl– I love to play this with Jack.  I love the progressive play!

WordWarp– Another favorite word game.

Labyrinth 2 HD– realistic game.  You almost feel that the game is real.

Scamble, Scamble 2– word find game.

Random Apps:

Talking Carl, Talking Tom– Get this to entertain your kids and grandkids.  It kept Jack entertained for more than 5 minutes.

Find iphone– Ok, i’m a blonde.  I admit it.  Enough said.

Spinart– I find this to be a stress reducer.

Now onto drawing apps.  Here is my over view for some of them:

Drawing Apps- My opinion, no matter what.

Coloring Pad– easy, simple, fun.

TypeDrawing– another fun app to waste time!

Draw– fun drawing program!  Easy to draw on photos, too.

Doodlebuddy–  Draw your quilting ideas, then save to your photo album.

Layers– Terrific drawing App.  One of my favorites!

Sketchbook Pro– Go online to learn.  This app could benefit from tutorials in order to get you started.

Brushes– Another great app to draw on photos.  Easy to use.

Doodle2lite– simplistic, not my favorite.

Colors! Lite– again, not my favorite one.

That is all for now.  Do you have a favorite App??  Please share!  Carla


7 thoughts on “Favorite Apps

  1. I haven’t succumbed to i-anything yet (other than an old iPod) but I got hooked on two games on my sister’s phone recently… Pee Monkey (which is hugely gross and juvenile) and Angry Birds. Wasn’t very good at either of them but they are pretty addictive!

  2. Aroundme – used to find just about anything when I am travelling

    Truck Pro – for finding parking and diesel when travelling with our fifth wheel


    stitchminder — knitting row counter

    quiltfab – fabric yardage calculator

    Fandango – for booking cmovie tickets

  3. UrbanSpoon – good app to find tasty places to eat around you. (free)

    Crossword – keeps my mind from going to total mush playing other mindless games! (free)

    Find My iPhone – have not had to use it, but nice to know I have the insurance policy. (free) Note: Need MobileMe (not free) for Find My iPhone to work.

    LetsTans – an assembly puzzle using seven tiles to make shapes. There are several different modes that can be played. Another game to make me think more than Solitare or Mahjong. 🙂 (free)

  4. Some of my apps are left overs from my iPod touch, but using the 2X feature works just fine, so I haven’t updated them… can’t see spending good money for the same thing!

    Marple – a logic type game – uses icons instead of words… starts out easy, but they get harder as you go on. A real brain buster!

    My Kingdom for a Princess – finish tasks within a limited amount of time to move on to the next level. A good time waster!

    Card Shark – TONS of card games!

    Chicktionary – build words out of set of letters in limited time. Keeps your vocabulary up!

    Sudoku – you never know when you just need to play detective!

    I have all the readers… and use them all! (Mostly because some offer better deals on books than others, and some offer different free books than others.) I do like iBooks, but I find their books are more expensive.

    • Have sudoku and Chickionary…. I like work games and brain stretchers, too.

      Jeanne, hard to believe we lived without our i-gadget, isn’t it? LOL Carla

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