Pamper Yourself

I am a firm believer in making time for yourself.    For those of you reading this post who are under stress or having a bad day;  the best advice I can suggest is to “do something good for yourself today.”  In other words, pamper yourself.

One thing I love to do is to fill up my jacuzzi, light a candle, and read a good book.  These days, I read my kindle or ipad and take care to not drop it in the water.  Knock on wood, so far it hasn’t happened.

I also believe in being as comfortable as I can.  Here are some things which help to pamper me:

Comfortable Clothes- I discovered SOMA brand clothes and especially love thier bamboo blend line of clothes called “Cool Nights.”  I live in it- especially in the summer months.

Comfortable Bed- I have a really plush bed- a California King with a pillow top.  Life is also too short to sleep in low thread count.  Buy the highest thread count you can afford… you are worth it.  I also have a featherbed top and down comforter, too.

Brookstone makes this lovely blanket called NapSoft.  I also have a pillow out of this material.  It is softer than minkee.  I also bought a towel/blanket warmer from Brookstone, too.  Nothing feels as good as a warm blanket or warm towel, y’know?

Comfortable place to unwind- Everyone needs a great place to relax and unwind.  For some, it is a recliner, for others a really comfy chair.  My favorite space has a great pillow to support my back, a quilt for when I am chilly, and my laptops nearby.  Life is good.

Comfortable shoes- Ok, I finally reached a age where my doctor banned me from sexy heels.  It had to happen sometime.  So I live in flats- usually a comfy brand like Privo, J-41, Merrell, Born, etc.  What comfy shoes do you love?

Since I deal with a bad back and other aches, I have a wide variety of extra stuff to make my life nicer.  Extra pillows on the bed.  Heating pad,  music, books,  etc.   I also have a wonderful device called an Empi IF 3Wave unit.  This is like a TENS unit, only about 50 times stronger.  Basically, it helps to block the negative signal (aka pain) to the brain.  Here is what it looks like (minus the pad and wires):

The other thing I do to pamper myself is allow time to create.  Some days I quilt, other day I draw or bead.  I also will freeform crochet or paint, too.   The key is to schedule time to create; otherwise it will not happen.

That’s all for now.  I think my jacuzzi is calling me.  Before I go, I want to know if you pamper yourself?  If so, how do YOU do it?

Hugs, Carla


2 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself

  1. If you only knew how timely this post is…..Lots of stressful work stuff to see to today…but I will pencil in some me time….even if it is quilting related and not relaxing……

    Best wishes
    Kay in scotland

  2. Oh, Carla! Thanks so much for the reminder! I get so caught up in my work stuff, then just go home and am a zombie. I need the reminder to set aside some creative time, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. 🙂

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