Fabric Stash Cartoon

Here’s a new cartoon dedicated to all those quilters with a large FABRIC stash:

Ok, I admit to having a slightly warped sense of humor.  My inspiration for this one comes from my friend, Barb, who is selling off part of her fabric stash.  This got me thinking about my own fabric stash and how we often will  refer to it as our  “stash.”

Next thing you know, my mind wandered to the downside of a non-quilter overhearing this conversation.  Viola!  This cartoon was born!

Happy Quilting!  Carla Barrett

8 thoughts on “Fabric Stash Cartoon

  1. You made my day — LOL — if you could see my house — fabric everywhere — one thing about going thru it all for a stash sale is that I rediscover fabric I’d forgotten about. Almost finished with my quilting room, on to the MB closet, the laundry room, the entertainment center, …I think that’s it — oh yes the garage! I could have bought a new car instead….

  2. Thanks for the personal cartoon — it’s hanging on my quilting door right now. You are the best and you certainly brighten my world.

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