Vacation Treasures

I can’t resist bringing home treasures from my beach scavenging.  I plan to incorporate some of this into my jewelry.

Here are some of my beach finds:

Notice that large frosty beach glass in front?  That was my favorite find:

Next up, some limpet shells:

Here are my favorite shells… some of these are as wide as my pinky fingernail, very teeny tiny:

Then some black and white finds:

and here are a variety of shells.  Most of these have holes so I can string them:

One last picture to share.  Notice the sea urchins shells.  These were my favorite as it meant one less sea urchin to step on:

That is my collection from this trip.  I now need some new containers to showcase them in.  That means a trip to the container store now.

Any other collectors out there?  Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “Vacation Treasures

    • Good to know that I am not alone! One day, I want to live on the beach and I can search for beach glass every day!

      Pokey and Oreneta, I want to see pictures!!

  1. Hello Carla,
    Beautiful findings. I love to collect things too. I just came back from Camp Pendleton and I bought some beautiful rocks from Ocean Side beach. I also collect sea shells and sand.

    • LOL, Lori!! Most of these were found at the beach across from Mosquito Island. Most were on shore and lots in the surf, too. Several hours went in to the search, too. LOL

      I also discovered where that one Virgin Gorda beach was, too. There is a video on YouTube, which makes me sorry we missed it.

  2. That’s a gorgeous collection! I lived in Miami for 14 years and periodically got up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise on South Beach and pick up sea glass and shells. I had to narrow down the kinds of shells I collected for space issues and stored each in an old canning jar. My absolute fav was the spiny jewel box.

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