Jack and Kate

Thought I would update you all with the grandchildren pics. I missed them while we were gone, but plan to babysit this weekend.

First up, here is a picture of Kate and Aimee:

Next, here are a couple of pictures of Jack lifted borrowed from his facebook page:

Here is a toy Joe and I bought him.  Who remembers  Crazy Coupes by Little Tykes?:

I have decided that Grandchildren are God’s gift to us after raising teenagers.  It just makes sense, you know?  Cheers!!  Carla


6 thoughts on “Jack and Kate

  1. Thanks for the pictures! Absolutely adorable! Kate is growing up and Jack has that great infectious smile! Being a grandparent is definitely the icing on the cake — definitely the reward for the times when life gets you down. So glad you’re having them both this weekend. Enjoy.

    Kelsey said her first sentence (at 1 1/2 yrs) yesterday– my cell phone rings and get up to get it and she runs across the room and yells, “I’ll get it!” — I about died — wouldn’t you know — she’s such a girl — all about talking on the phone!

    I’m glad your back home.

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